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Sonoma County Coastal Mountains
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Shell Beach
Sonoma Coast, California
View from a Neighbor's House
My house when first built in 1993
Garden Scene 08-2013
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My cat-Sam-E
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Retirement isn't a time to stop working--it is a time to do what you enjoy in the place of your choice

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I wasn't expecting an opportunity to take early retirement when it occurred in 1987; I had given the subject little thought, but then I received a retirement offer from RCA (then GE) that I couldn't refuse. As my quotation above indicates, I knew I didn't want to stop working upon retirement, but I hadn't thought through "what I enjoy and where was the place of my choice". At the time, I was living in my parents' home in Merchantville, NJ (which I had inherited)--I had lived there on and off during my entire life, but I knew without thinking that I didn't want to remain there!
While I continued to work for my former employers as a consultant, I began facing the longer-term issues. I also began writing a book about the technical work I had been doing. Writing turned out to be an activity that I enjoyed and that has continued ever since--Twelve books, now.
As far as "the place of my choice", that turned out to be Northern California, which is described on another page. I moved in 1998 from New Jersey to a custom-designed (by me) property in California.

The image to the right has graced the home page of this site since the year 2000. It is a beautiful view that I still enjoy. I love the fog when it stays somewhat down below my location and looks so beautiful. However, I also like the fog when it comes all the way up to my place. It gives a feeling of temporary isolation, which is very comforting.
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